Formulación de cementos bioactivos mediante la adición de sales de hidroxiapatita-estroncio


  • L. Hernández
  • M. Gurruchaga
  • I. Goñi



Bioactive and injectable bone cements designed to perform vertebroplasty (VP) have been prepared by adding strontium hydroxyapatite (SrHA) to a formulation based on methylmethacrylate. Thus, the cement combines the immediate support given by the setting of the acrylic matrix, with the long term integration due to the incorporation of the SrHA. Moreover, the presence of Strontium makes this filler highly radiopaque, which avoids the undesirable and extended practice of the addition of more radiopaque substances by the surgeon. For that purpose, the effect of the addition of SrHA particles, incorporated ‘as synthetised’ and after a surface treatment with the monomer, was studied on various properties of the cement. Results showed that the surface treatment improved the wettability of the SrHA particles, and, as a consequence, the mixing and the mechanical properties. The best formulation to perform VP is 20%-treated SrHA containing formulation, which shows enhanced mechanical properties compared with control formulations, along with high radiopacity and the higher bioactivity.