Análisis funcional y cinemático de la marcha en un paciente con lesión medular lumbar incompleta

M.A. Torralba, J. Medina, J.M. Padullés, M. De Fuentes, J. Casas, A. Batalla, U. Costa


The aim of this research study is to analyze the evolution of gait in a patient with incomplete lumbar spine injury, who was placed on an assisted gait training program with partial body-weight support using the Lokomat® system. A physical and functional assessment was carried out taking into account standard evaluation scales together with video analysis, which allowed us to observe correlations between the data collected for steps per minute, step speed and step length. To corroborate these data, a kinematic study was carried out using two high-resolution cameras with a shooting speed fixed at 100 images per second. Images were transferred directly to a computer and converted from 2D to 3D using the Direct Linear Transformation (DLT) method in the Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS).


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