Análisis biomecánico de la técnica individual de los finalistas masculinos del lanzamiento de peso en el Campeonato del Mundo de Atletismo Valencia 08

F.J. Rojas, M. Gutiérrez-Dávila, J. Campos, J. Gámez, A. Encarnación


The aim of this study is to make a descriptive analysis of the individual technique of the eight men finalists in the shot put in the 2008 Valencia Indoor World Championships. To do this three-dimensional photogrammetric techniques (3D) were used, filming the action with two video cameras temporally synchronized at 100 Hz. Six puts were recorded during the men’s final, subsequently analysing the longest throw of each putter. A temporal analysis was first made, dividing the throwing action into six phases. Starting from these phases, graphs of the tangential velocity of the thrower’s CG and the time taken in the shot are described. Then the factors that determine the trajectory of the shot during flight (product factors) and the contribution of the other causal factors for the efficiency of the put are recorded. As well as confirming the relation between the product factors, the results show that each thrower uses his/her own temporal sequence and rhythm of execution, confirming that the technical execution of the shot put is individual and conditioned by anthropometrical characteristics, muscular capacity and the degree of automation of the individual temporal sequence.


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