Hacia una construcción social del desarrollo sostenible basada en la definición de sus dimensiones y principios, articulados a partir de la ecuación IPAT. Aproximación a sus implicaciones y debates

Jaime Cendra Garreta, Andri Werner Stahel


One obvious criticism of the concept of sustainable development is that it is not clearly defined. In response to this criticism, we suggest approaching the concept by formulating some general principles that should be discussed on both academic and social levels. The IPAT equation is used as a starting point to make the proposal coherent and comprehensive. We define seven dimensions linked to the IPAT equation. A general principle and some sub-principles are formulated for each dimension. As these principles and sub-principles are presented, some of their implications and controversial aspects are studied and discussed. The objective is to present an overview of the concept of sustainable development.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5821/sth.v0i1.1018

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