Challenges for women in technical and science education in Nigeria

Kpabep M. Charity, Ihesinachi A. Kalagbor


The paper discusses the challenges of women in Science and Technology Education in relation to reforms and development in Nigeria. These challenges, such as socio-cultural factors, can reduce and even inhibit women participation in scientific and technological fields. The study presented here adopted a descriptive survey design to sample the opinion of professional women in Science and Technology and female students studying Science and Technology presently. A representative sample of 406 respondents was administered a questionnaire, later analyzed using mean and Z-ratio. The major findings revealed that, from birth, women are discouraged by the society from studying Science and Technology through cultural practices and socialization, on the pretext that Science and Technology are too hard and rigorous for women. Our recommendation is that girls should be allowed to exercise their mental ability according to individual potentials. Teachers should use a gender inclusive(girls friendly) approach in teaching Science and Technology, and the Government should ensure implementation of specific policies for women education.


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