Critical Pedagogies and the Design Methods in Architecture and Planning: their Retroactive Research Impacts on the Social and Natural Sciences Jointed Evolution


  • José Muntañola Thornberg
  • Magdalena Saura Carulla
  • Júlia Beltran Borràs
  • Josué Nathan Martínez Gómez
  • Rasoul Ameli Najafabadi
  • Sara Cristina Molarinho Marques
  • José Calvet de Magalhães


There is a holistic scientific evolution in our times. The Social Science, Cognitive Science and Physical sciences work together in order to build a better future for the humanity. The climate change is a good example, but there are other situations. The architectural research group GIRAS has been working in the last twenty years, to analyze how architecture and urban research produce retroactive research impacts.