Historical and morphological role of the Derzhprom builing in Kharkiv, Ukraine


  • Martin Duplantier
  • Andrii Shtendera




The Derzhprom building was the first office building built in the Constructivist style. In addition, Derzhprom is endowed with unique architectural properties, which in many ways influenced the image of Soviet modernist architecture. Moreover, considering the number of workers on the construction site, which was more than 5,000, the entire enterprises created for the construction of Derzhprom, its role in the development of the region is also difficult to overestimate.

A whole series of adopted scaling decisions, on the one hand, create a coherent composition of Derzhprom itself and emphasize the building as the central element in Freedom Square, and it treats the buildings around them tolerantly, despite all the “otherness” of the architectural language, on the other.

The building has undergone several internal and external transformations, and even changed its silhouette, by adding new elements. Despite this, Derzhprom is still arguably the most significant architectural object in the identity and cultural heritage of the city for the vast majority of Kharkiv residents.






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