La inversión del paradigma poché: el desarrollo poché en el sistema Dom-Inó de Le Corbusier


  • Roger Such Sanmartín



Taking as starting point the essay of British architect and critic Alan Colquhoun, "Displacement and Concepts in Le Corbusier", this article explores the formal investigation carried out by Le Corbusier about the Free Plan of the Modernity. Le Corbusier incorporated in his Dom-ino System certain formal principles from the baroque traditions of Antiquity. Thus, in his houses of the twenties he came up with double sided spaces (concave/convex) and the Poché planning of the Baux-Arts, which apparently contradicted the precepts of Free Plan D. By this way, Le Corbusier reactivated an ancient tradition with a new vibrant meaning. This attitude of mix, blend and integration of opposite concepts turns up in a new dialectic synthesis, showing us a way to understand research around the project of architecture.