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Ariadna Perich


Fundamentals, the XIV International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2014, is an exercise of architectural criticism in exhibition format where curator Rem Koolhaas proposes a both personal and collective review of the essential characteristics of discipline, of what belongs to it. Unlike other disciplines in architecture there is no collective agreement or single definition of its basic elements. The redefinition of its vocabulary remains open in accordance with times, theories, or through the contribution that the very architecture works make when being built. The books on display in the lobby of the exhibition Elements of Architecture are an example of this diversity of approaches, some contradictory, some similar, all complementary. Texts like Elements (Book / exhibition catalog) address and attempt to answer the difficult question of what is architecture?

Palabras clave

Fundamentos, Elementos, Bienal, Venecia, Koolhaas