Palimpsesto 20


Bang Nong Saeng

Pau Sarquella Fabregas


The text takes three experiences from the author to develop three different tòpics as layers of architectural interest.

The first, references new young practices and their ephemeral architectures, which due to their freedom, are seen as a key point in architectural speculation and advancement.

The second uses Persiana Barcelona, an industrial product designed out of an architectural competition, to talk about different and non-standard ways of making architecture. It also states the need of our society to learn again how to inhabit the spaces we dwell. 

The third and last, talks about the experience the author had when living and working for four years in a tropical country highly influenced by its climate. He also presents some of the aspects and ideas behind a community project he developed in that area. 

Palabras clave

Arquitectura efímera; Persiana; Arquitectura tropical