Leticia Dias Gomes, Ana Mirthes Hackenberg, Julia Dias Gomes, Renato Barbosa Reis


Mapping satellite images is an important aid tool between urban areas and their infrastructure, especially with highways. In Brazil, these have the purpose of interconnecting urban and industrial centers, which, consequently, triggers challenges in relation to functionality. In the last decade, what has been highlighted in the discourse on the insertion of highways is the environmental variable, highlighting the contextualization, mapping and analysis of the impacts caused by them. From this, the mapping and analysis of the impacts caused by the Aristides Bolan highway between two South-Brazilian municipalities is studied. Considering the results obtained, the mapping of the areas showed that during the application of the classification carried out, the implementation of highways implied, in the long run, a change in the landscape to which it was inserted. The greatest impact occurred with agriculture and pasture sectors, while deforestation, when observed in the period of 8 years, had a decrease.

Keywords: highways, mapping, Aristides Bolan, landscape.

Research line: City and project.

Theme: Metropolitan and territorial studies.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5821/siiu.9850