MEGA-STRUCTURES OF SEOUL IN 60S-70S AND URBAN INTEGRATION The vitality of collective space around the mega-structures constructed in 60s-70s in Seoul

Jin Kwang-seon



One of the most important urban experiment in Seoul was realized between 1960s and 1970s with the influence of the modernism architecture. Various experimental mega-structure buildings were constructed through this experiment in that period in the oldtown of Seoul. After 10 or 20 years, most of them started to decline, and were apprehended as one of the ugliest artefact of the city. Many solutions and alternatives have been proposed to revitalize them, and most of them were failed. And though this situation is still ongoing.

Throughout all of this process of the mega-structure buildings, there were notable evolution of collective space. This article intends to experiment the possibility of these collective space in relation to the urban integration of the mega-structure buildings.


Keywords: mega-structure, urban integration, collectivity, social practice

Thematic clusters: 1. City and project Topic: Urban Design and Public Space