El paper de la organització social en la sostenibilitat: noves possibilitats des d'una perspectiva estructuralista

Sergi Lozano Pérez, Xavier Àlvarez


Approaching the concept of sustainability from a systemic perspective involves taking into account the influence that the intrinsic complexity of the social and natural systems has on the interactions between them. To date, technical issues (e.g. recycling, the energy efficiency of production systems, etc.) have received more attention as factors that affect the environment than social organization. In this paper, we propose that Social Network Analysis (a multidisciplinary research area focused on studying social organization from a structuralist perspective) is a suitable conceptual frame for developing the ideas of authors who have addressed the link between social organization and the environment. We present some examples of concepts that could be useful in this line of research.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5821/sth.v0i1.1023

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