SIG_PDUT, aplicación para la planificación territorial de La Araucanía


  • Fernando Peña-Cortés
  • Miguel Escalona
  • Gonzalo Rebolledo
  • Gustavo Donoso
  • Fredy Lara



The development of GIS tools involves the generation of territorial information, organized according to the specific consultation, input and processing requirements of a group of users, and must be sufficiently flexible to meet both present and future requirements. In the context of the Regional Urban Development Plan (UDRP) for the Araucanía Region, a GIS application has been developed as a set of Avenue scripts for ArcView(c) 3.x, in order to administer the information generated by the project, making use of the potential offered by GIS and its extensions, in a customized GUI, oriented towards loading, display, consultation, cleanliness and graphic products