La nueva geografía económica del comercio al por menor en el gran Santiago de Chile


  • Cristian Andrés Ramírez Sepúlveda



The objective of the present investigation is framed within a line of investigation developed by the author, relative to reveal the new space configuration economic that displays the great cities in the context of the Economic Globalization. The hypothesis in the Industry of Retail is one of whom has experienced the greater economic dynamism in Chile and that has characteristics that would frame it within the process of flexible production in Advanced Capitalism. The retail, sector that the attention of the great economic groups has captured that make investments and space competition in related activities, generates new spaces of leisure and consumption, determining a singular space distribution of the use, that is more and more dynamic and precarious in its nature. The investigation concludes that a clear tendency to the integration of activities exists from the centers of the posfordista economic power towards the consumer, space model of businesses whose diffusion is made in the extensive Latin American Region.