SIG orientado al geomarketing Inmobiliario en Barcelona


  • M. Pilar Garcia-Almirall
  • Rolando Mauricio Biere Arenas



The changes in the characteristics and needs for the economic activities space, the increasing predominance of the tertiary industry of offices or I+D, the effect on the economic transformation, implies new forms, new technical characteristics and alternative locations accordant with a changing demand. The research project here presented is developed by the Centre of Land Policy and Valuations of the University Polytechnic of Catalonia for the company Geomarketing Inmobiliario S.L (SGMI. Real State Geomarketing S.L). It consists in the input of the geomarketing property office’s buildings of Barcelona into a database, which allows the access to the necessary information of technical and constructive characteristics of the office’s buildings, summoned by the most emblematic or central locations to the best technical level in their constructions. In order to deliver the best suitable result from the election of the needs for every particular profile on demand.