Estrategias de Modelado formal en la Sagrada Familia


  • María Amparo Núñez Andrés
  • Felipe Buill Pozuelo
  • Andrés de Mesa Gisbert
  • Joaquín Manuel Regot Marimón



This paper explain the inverse engineering process to obtain an accuracy three-dimensional model of a big window module located in upper left side of the Sagrada Familia temple. The aim is to define a process to generate forms that compose an object starting from data provided by a mathematical analysis of cloud point’s management. This data allows to classify and determinate the type of surfaces applying analytic parameters. So, we are looking for a methodology to define all the surfaces that compose an object. Work methodology contains three stages: In first stage we want to determine the entity type to define the surface geometry. Second stage wants to establish the process to generate the best structure for the digital shape that defines surfaces. In this stage, also, we analyze the results in comparison with the clouds points using mathematical tools. Finally, we transform the surface geometry defined mathematically, in a three dimensional shape model by means of a parametric infrastructure.