The GIS/FM in the centro universitário Feevale


  • Reginaldo Macedônio da Silva
  • Marisa Freitas Furtado
  • Álison Silveira da Silva
  • Carpeg -



Centro universitário Feevale has been considerably enlarged at campus II since 1999. Being exactly, within five years (1999 - 2004), there it currently keeps a count of 17,000 students from nearly 4,500 ones before. The infrastructural buildings amazingly have led an increase of 6 to 15 ones. Therefore, it comes out of managing the necessary new areas to ease the right decisions taken by the Academic Support and Administration departments, which have to prompt the maintenance equipment services (such as air conditioner, fire extinguishers, drinkers, computers), and help setting classes up, with which one may get the rooms facilities. At the Geoprocess laboratory of Urban and Architecture school, Geographic Information System (GIS) was developed for facilities management. Also, it was possible to make a graphical database by the ArchiBus/FM software through the GIS, (turning most the paper plans into digital format) as well as a textual one (holding campus II infrastructure and equipment information). As a result of this project, it was achieved better lowering time internal services as accuracy as precautionary and better setting classes up, helping the Academic Support and Administration departments for taking decision on.