Integrated urban landscape: nature as an element of transition space composition


  • Patrycja Haupt



The paper explains the genesis, methods and consequences of introducing elements of nature into contemporary cityscape. It shows their significance in creating a new image of the city. The discussion is conducted on the basis of joined urban theories such as: softening the city edge, fluency of space, narrative paths, multilayer structure of urban space. Contemporary forms of relationships between the building and its surroundings are presented in order to prove the tendencies in shaping the connection zone between the building and the city simultaneously, influenced by both of those reactants. This zone, observed as transition space between the building and its surroundings, is constantly changing and growing, generating a variety of urban spaces adjoining, interlacing, penetrating the building structure. It also creates an area of introducing nature as compositional and functional element. The paper discusses the examples of the new types of relationships between architecture and nature emerging in contemporary urban space.