Public hybrid spaces as a component of contemporary cities


  • Katarzyna Pluta



The main objectives of research work presented in the paper are: 1/Exploring the urban design solutions of public hybrid spaces in contemporary cities, which are the outstanding examples of expressive identity, 2/Carrying out the modern interpretation of principles of composition of hybrid public spaces (in urban scale), 3/Exploring the urban design solutions of public hybrid spaces, on the example of student’s works realized at The Faculty of Architecture, The Warsaw University of Technology, in The Chair of Urban Design and Rural Landscape - the detailed studies concerning spatial forms, functions and transport system. The research work has been realized with taking into consideration existing state of knowledge and use of methods proper for morphological investigations of city space. There have been used various research methods: method of analysis and critique of sources (planning documents, design projects and literature), observation method, comparative method, etc. The main conclusions: 1/The development of public hybrid spaces is connected with limiting of territorial growth of cities and supporting the development of their inner areas, what contributes to creation of the efficient spatial form and sustainable development of contemporary cities, 2/Public hybrid spaces contribute to a high degree to preserve or to create cultural identity of the city. In the face of broadening phenomenon of making uniform of the townscape of contemporary cities, shaping their identity should become a basic need of every city.