The lost space: on the blurry boundaries of urbanity


  • Przemysław Bigaj



The boundaries of the modern city are defined by administrative divisions – boards informing about the lines created artificially on a map and not by physical “barriers” – walls, gates, frontages. At the same time, dynamic urbanization of suburbs takes a spontaneous and often chaotic nature which satisfies the immediate needs of today's generation. This is often done without any reflection on the future order and shape of urban spaces. These are the lost spaces where the essence of urbanity has been eliminated – i.e. a clear hierarchy of public interiors which the local community is organized around and which the accepted forms of private buildings have been subordinated to. Numerous, often radical voices and opinions meaning to improve the status quo appear among contemporary and renowned artists. The article attempts to provide a synthesis of a certain range of issues related to the blurring of urban boundaries’ readability and the need to return to the distinctive definition of today's urban structures and spaces.