The city in-between


  • Kobylarczyk Justyna



The city in-between is the city which gains from the past to create the history of today while looking to the future. It blurs the boundaries between yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is difficult not to look at the past while striving for perfection, as history teaches about what once was considered as success and failure in the process of urban development. The image of the ideal city is shaped by the care of the needs of current users and future generations. Ideal city is one that boldly puts the steps towards the future, opening up for new opportunities created by the development of science and technology. It opposes the often negative phenomena, which in the future can worsen, leading among other things to the loss of relationships within the society. In view of these risks, questions arise about tomorrow, about the fate of social spaces and public areas. Will the man of the future benefit from them? Will he replace them with virtual world? It seems that without the knowledge of the past and that is the experience of the builders of the cities of foregone eras and the directions of development of former trends it is impossible to shape the present, guided by one primary purpose - to serve the modern man, realizing his basic needs important for living and those which can be defined as more than basic, associated with personal preferences and ambitions. The future we want to know focuses on the experience of the past while trying to create local conditions today. Today is suspended between what has already happened and what will happen. Today is also a time to reflect on what is good and worthy of follow-up, and what constitutes a threat. Today triggers the need to seek remedies to all of the negative phenomena leading to uncontrolled urban sprawl, deepening of the spatial chaos, increasing suburbanization and mental anonymity of both the residents and space. The city in-between is the city standing at the threshold of modernity, creating a vision of the future on the canvas of not always positive experience that have taken place in the past.