Times of no spatial relationships: retrospection in space on the example of modern and historic settlements in the Karkonosze


  • Anna Wojtas Harań




The aim of the work is: - Presentation of the critical points in management of cities and villages in the system of services institutions, which is essential to the proper functioning of society and the shaping of space. This subject was raised to answer the question whether the new social behavior can affect the classical principles of organization of space? In particular, can one affect the management of settlement units in the facilities of social services? Currently, in fact a man meets some of his needs in an unreal way (e.g., via electronic techniques), without any limits of distance, space (e.g., by means of transport ), because of the development of social and economic life. - Propose planning solutions for mountain villages located in the Karkonosze, presenting opportunities for development or a stable existence. They have been prospering through its history blending with its architecture and arrangement of buildings in the mountain nature exemplary. Currently, some of which are experiencing difficulties caused by, among others, changes in the modern world, so-called fusion of real and virtual space. There are monofunctional or deprived of basic functions settlements not meeting the residents` needs. The issues were analyzed by the use of case studies method. This led to a selection of specific examples of the phenomenon of the social centers disappearance, shut down of service infrastructure, and on the contrary strengthen their local position. It was assumed that the combination of the contemporary image with their historical forms of settlement can help to find the synthesis of virtual and the real world. As a result of the analyze, it was found: - Elimination of the complementary network of services contributes to minimizing the village in the settlement system. New social customs may even intensify this state; - Gradual modernization of services leads to prosperity of settlement, using new media opportunities; - Reasonable use of potential space of information technology space can contribute to improved well- being and changes in the mountain village.