Population ageing as a challenge for architectural and urban design: case study: concept of Hybrid Senior Unit in Cracow (Poland)


  • Ida Mikołajska
  • Ewelina Woźniak-Szpakiewicz




The patterns of declining fertility and mortality over the past two decades have led to significant shifts in the age structure of the world’s population. Although most advanced in Europe and North America, population ageing is occurring, or will soon begin, in all major areas of the world (United Nations, 2013). How these cities are facing that challenge? Will future cities and architectural designs be inspiring by a greying population? Due to a growing problem of society ageing, the topic of architectural design of senior housing developments is more and more relevant in a global context. This paper proposes a series of design questions of how urban design and architectural ideas could contribute towards improvement life condition in future cities. Design solutions related to a series of case studies of senior housing are presented, with the main focus on the diploma concept of the Hybrid Senior Unit in Cracow (Poland) aimed at a multifaceted integration: architectural, urban and social.