Urban brand in the era of mass communication


  • Agata Bonenberg




The purpose of this article is a scientific reflection on the contemporary transformations in managing an urban brand. It is an original interpretation of challenges faced by municipal authorities and urban planners in managing an urban image. Urban marketing ensures competitive advantage, attracts capital, inhabitants and investments. This article presents analysis of the methods of urban brand managing from the point of view of the requirements of mass communication. It also characterizes the evolution of marketing methods, purposes and effects in planning the directions of spatial development of cities. The contemporary forms of urban marketing have been elaborated. Basic discrepancies between traditional administrative and bureaucratic approach and pro-social orientation have been indicated and special attention was paid to brand's perception from the perspective of an ordinary user of public space. Differences between various marketing strategies have been analysed. In the conclusion it has been stated that the network society has significantly changed the "traditional" approach to urban marketing, in particular to urban brand management in the era of mass communication. It determines the relevance of the deliberations which, in the author's opinion, may show both the inspiring and application values.