Challenges of the NYC urban governance


  • Dorota Jopek



New York is the city that once was called by Rem Koolhaas- the urban laboratory with a distinctive ability of implementing innovative solutions to meet its development challenges. That was years before the explosion of the Asian megacities, when New York had to face the problems of the rapid growth of its population together with the uncontrolled urbanization. Continuing of having an ambition to be the world's most dynamic urban economy New York is also set to be the city of choice where families, businesses, and neighborhoods thrive. From the New York City's priorities of being the world's capital of capitalism and the global city – nowadays there are visible changes in planning for the city growth. The main focus of the urban policies is ensuring quality of life for generations of New Yorkers to come and one of the goals of the New York City`s strategic plan for the future is to be a strong and just city. At the same time, its diverse neighborhoods with their own distinctive character, history, and culture are listed among the city’s greatest assets. Is it an innovative solution for city's strategic plan? – probably not and the more adequate term would be return to the origins of democracy – but in terms of New York's development history - it is a slightly different case.