Housing types and choices in Saudi Arabia


  • Haytham Alhubashi
  • Josep Roca Cladera




Recently, and because of oil revenues, Gulf countries achieved great developments and made huge steps to be an advanced countries. These revenues encouraged Gulf countries to develop their economy, infrastructures and policies. Among Gulf countries, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a noticeable progress in recent decades in enhancing and developing the economy and urban form. Presently, there were different types of housing such as Villas, Duplex villas, Penthouse and so on. These housing divided, according to various factors such as Family income, requirement and needs, also take into account of the customs and traditions in the Saudi community. This study will discuss some of these changes like Housing sizes and use, actual needs, ability and the reasons behind these changes. Moreover, it is divided into two main parts, Theoretical review and analysis of data collection. The research techniques used are analysis of E-Questionnaire. Finally, the study would help to understand some of the expectations and needs of the Saudi Residents in the biggest cities in Saudi Arabia, for example the majority of households prefer to live in an independent and separate housing like (Villa).