Virtual reality of the sustainable immaterial urban networks: simulation co-benefits approach as an strategy to survive in the dystopian city


  • Dulce Esmeralda García Ruiz



In order that we can create cities that can adapt quickly to change, we can look at the co-benefits as a strategy for a fast implementation in a view of the contemporary city that want to have immediately results in a smart position in the information age. On the premise of an individual transformation point of an ecological baseline to the highest collective level, a city must be planned and adapted to provide itself with minimal dependence and in a neutral equilibrium with the nature. The co-benefits will help us to decrease the correlational break between economy, society and nature, under an inclusive environment of highest social inclusion. Using the theoretical approach of Foladori, Castells and Smith, and making use of virtual tools of modeling and simulation; we can confirm and anticipate, which are the better strategies to be employed in the actual macro contemporary city. This network model is like a strategy of transformation for the environment and the huge impacts made in this global, dual, faster, green and smart time.