APP R-ALERGO: allergy-healthy routes in Valencia


  • Rafael R Temes Cordovez
  • Dolores Hernández Fernández de Rojas
  • Alfonso Moya Fuero
  • Jaume Martí Garrido



On the urban areas there are sources of information about the exposition to environmental allergens and others potential factors of allergies, such as: weather conditions, vegetation, urban morphology, etc. For the last two years we have been developing, together with the “La Fe” Hospital of Valencia, the Cartography Institute of Valencia (Instituto Cartografico Valenciano), and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), a mobile phone App to help citizens to avoid high environmental allergens exposure areas while they are walking around the city. The App uses modified grid calculations where impedances have been calculated based on the variables that affect allergens exposure: temperature, humidity and wind direction, pollution level, trees, pollination, season period, pet areas, fountains and water surfaces. People’s allergy information and the factors that have effects on the allergens exposure were agreed by a group of specialized doctors. The design follows the recommendations of the Agency of Health Quality of Andalucia (Agencia de Calidad Sanitaria de Andalucia). R-ALERGO is the first App to avoid the exposure to air allergens in Spain. The App works following 4 steps: 1st Patient profile; 2nd Definition of the origin-destination of the route; 3rd Calculation of the route with the lower exposure to allergens; 4th Specific recommendations for users. The App R-ALERGO is developed following the concept of other applications dedicated to improve life quality of citizens and recovering, by using the idea of Smart Cities, the link between medicine and health, with the purpose of achieving more responsible cities towards their citizens.