The implementation of the territorial development concept in the reality of virtual world: the case of Puerto Rico


  • Omar H Estrada Meléndez
  • Adriana I Olivarez González



In the new virtual world, it becomes necessary to consider new concepts of development that allow to achieve social justice and equity. It is for this reason, in this article present a synthetic review of the development theories evolution, the definition of the concept of territorial development and the implication of this concept in the case of Puerto Rico. The findings presented in this article are part of a larger investigation that was developed in the Doctorate Program of City, Territory and Sustainability at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. The main objective of this research was to determine how the processes of territorial development were affected by the presence of dependent territory geopolitical condition. However, this academic research is only the basis for extending a discussion about a concept that requires further analysis for adjust to other realities in the world and to incorporate the lessons and experiences of other individuals. It necessary understands that territorial development concept is relatively young and has only two decades since its first formulations, so it requires a process of operationalize the definition components. Such work would allow the territorial development concept can be considered in the preparation of different territorial studies and analysis.