Tracking radioactive materials in sea transportation by rfid technology


  • Sanja Bauk
  • Radoje Džankić


The demand for radioactive materials has been increasing over the last five decades, and therefore it is to be expected that the need for radioactive materials transportation shall also increase. The Radio Frequency and IDentification (RFID) technology has already made progress in this field and become the most widespread way to track and trace radioactive cargo. The easy installation, simple and fast data transfer from the sensor through RFID transponder, along with compactness and quality of the sensors provide a safe and easy way of using this technology in transport of the radioactive materials. A variety of sensors, such as temperature, radiation, speed, earthquake, (Differential) Global Positioning System (D)GPS, etc., are the key, but not the only one part of the complex system that is responsible for safe transportation of radioactive goods. A large number of parameters that must be monitored at the same time, as well as the simplicity of the system, are strengthened by using the appropriate RFID software. By means of this software, the operator has insight into the condition of the radioactive material inside the container without the risk of exposure to radiation, and without compromising the safety and security of the data exchange at any time. By using the latestgeneration crypto tools, security has been guaranteed.