Sustainability and strategic directions in maritime education and training provision: An exploration of employers’ perceptions


  • Helen A. Thanopoulou Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean, Chios, Greece
  • Vangelis Tsioumas Eugenides Foundation
  • Orestis Schinas Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), Hamburg, Germany
  • Dimitris Papachristos Eugenides Foundation, Athens, Greece



The paper explores the importance of sustainability from the perspective of prospective employers of future and existing Maritime Education and Training (MET) graduates. More specifically, it investigates employers’ views on the incorporation of sustainability into MET provision. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey that addresses the concept of sustainability – among other emerging trends - from the angle of maritime education and training was distributed to European shipowning companies in the context of related EU funded research (SkillSea). A total of 23 responses were received but, albeit the relatively small sample, the findings suggest clearly that there is a significant gap between the skills presently acquired through MET. They also reveal the need for METs to develop a strategy aiming at a more comprehensive inclusion of the mega-trend of sustainability as a subject into the curricula of the various types of MET institutions. This paper contributes to the literature by addressing the mismatch between current and future needs and related issues arising for maritime education and training.