Maritime Engine Room Simulator on-line (MERSol)


  • Heikki Koivisto SAMK



The STCW International Convention of IMO sets minimum qualification requirements for being a seafarer and is used in formal training of seafarers. A skills gap has emerged between traditional Maritime Education; the needs of the industry and seafarers ought to be able to apply increasing complex systems, regulations, and technologies especially when pandemic occurred, and traditional teaching method could not be used.

MERSol-project developed seven study modules followed with assessment study modules ensuring the level of the theory knowledge. All related new regulations are included and tested in these assessment modules. Specific software, Engine Room Simulator (ERS) online by modern technology and digitalisation is the main product of the project. The first tests of Engine Room Simulator online have just finished before the 2022 Maritime Transportation Conference and the first findings will be published during this conference. MERSol supports the uptake of innovative approaches and digital online technologies for teaching and learning online to ensure qualifications requirements to be addressed.

Designing and developing the study modules and assessment modules on a specific e-learning delivery platform allows cadets and seafarers to access the training program and learning materials over the internet at any time and any place. This is particularly relevant in the Maritime sector where seafarers are highly mobile and have less opportunity to take long face-to-face training courses whilst they are working. Primary target groups are new marine engineer cadets but also deck cadets and all mariners already at sea to update their knowledge of automation and digitalisation. Also, all European HEI and VET centres, together with maritime industry are target groups taking into consideration ship building and ports.