MT'24: 10th International Conference on Maritime Transport, 5-7 June 2024

About the Publication

Sea transport of goods and passengers is constantly undergoing a meaningful rise due to the globalisation of economy, thus provoking a trade speeding up and the specialization of ships and port terminals, with the support of the concept of comodality and its environmental face ecomodality.

Ports, are the decisive and needed node in the transport chain, must serve the maritime transport as an infrastructure providing an smooth change between modes of transport. These aspects shall be framed by the quality and environment-friendliness criteria that administrations and society require.
In this regard, protection of the port environment, safety and security have become key points for the development of modern maritime transport. In addition, the influence of human factor on board the ships has to be strongly considered as a decisive element for safe, secure and clean operations.
The MT’24 Conference should be attended by researchers, scientists, academics, professionals, entrepreneurs, and all people involved in shipping and also in maritime training from any country. In its 2024 edition, administrations, institutions and companies will find a forum to meet, to exchange and to discuss their own achievements.

The 10th International Conference on Maritime Transport  (MT’24), which will be held in Barcelona (onsite conference) on June, 5 to 7 of 2024 at Barcelona School of Nautical Studies (FNB-UPC),