E-learning and AMRES in teaching architecture


  • Aleksandra Djukic
  • Tatjana Mrdjenovic
  • Jugoslav J Jokovic




ICT is not only the additional instrument of the Information Society, but also an important catalyst and tool for inducing educational reforms that change our students into productive knowledge workers. There are notions that students should be trained to learn more autonomously and to get access to and digest information more independently which could provide a good basis for life long learning. The research will discuss pros and cons of using AMRES as an e-learning academic platform in academic education in theoretical and practical courses at engineering and architectural studies. The hypothesis is that e-learning concept provides attitude change among students in knowledge development regarding the course subject. The hypothesis will be tested inside main approaches and attitudes of using ICT in knowledge development, using case study using AMRES at the courses Design of Open Public Spaces and Studio Project 3, both at Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.