Propedeutic course for a Master on Technology in Architecture


  • Jaime Roset Calzada
  • Gilkauris Rojas
  • Adam Rybka



Masters dealing on Technology have an important problem in the usual case of students coming from very different countries. Due to the important dispersion on how to teach technological contents for architects, very different initial levels are found. Any decision you take as a teacher will provoke either bored students or stressed students. It is likely that both types of students appear to be frustrated. The aim of this work is to propose a PROPEDEUTIC MASTER matter to be passed for “new in the topic” candidates to attain main core of the master studies. A minimum time of 5 ECTS is proposed corresponding to 50 hours in the classroom and 75 hours work by the student. Impartation is proposed 2 weeks before the starting of the “main core” matters. As the syllabus is referred to, five 10 hours lectures packages are proposed: Mathematics. Statics, Environmental Physics, Drawing, Philosophy of science.