A visual tale of two cities: video as a tool for representation through informal learning


  • Ürman Topçu
  • Judit Taberna Torres
  • Karin Elke Hofert Feix




In recent years, videos have become significant aspects of learning experience. Learning now occurs in a variety of ways through different communities of practice and personal networks. This is true for learning in design arena. Architectural design education consists of theoretical and practical courses aiming at contribution to the society at social and cultural levels. With the advent of globalization another aim has become contribution to the society at international level. International workshops are held frequently between architectural schools resulting in outstanding success and sharing. This paper is about an international workshop titled “In the Pursuit of Sinan” held in Ýstanbul in January 2015. Students from BAU FA&D and UPC ETSAB were asked to create a stop motion video of the two cities they visited. Going through Sinan’s works while walking around the city, in Ýstanbul and Edirne, Turkish and Spanish students encountered both cities with all their senses and voiced tales of two cities in stop motion video format.