Thermal evaluation of buildings: a convenient tool


  • Luís M Barajas
  • Jaime Roset Calzada
  • Giuseppe La Ferla



The convenience of the use of environmental building evaluation tools, to know design conditions and thermal behavior, by using bioclimatic strategies for determining a good early design processes of the building, as well as an evaluation of energy consumption of buildings and for the behavior of building the use of BPS - building performance simulation tool to control the power state of the building, the emission of carbon dioxide CO2, natural lighting and thermal comfort and a CFD - Computational Fluids Dynamics analysis. We take a deeper look about the behavior of the buildings by the use of the Design Builder software, as main practice objective, to show this we explain the process to work with a BPS - building performance simulation: Pre-process, Simulation process, Post-process. This material was presented in a European Union Cost Action TU1104, Training School in Belgrade (Serbia) in 20 - 23 April of 2015.